Designer dog collars, see our huge collection of Dean and Tyler and Paco handmade collars. Made in the USA, timeless and class beauty. Luxury dog collars, Plain leather, studded, spiked, with brass or silver plates,.. Matching dog leads too!

Our Designer Dog Collars :

hartman and rose designer dog collars

Hartman & Rose Designer Dog Collars

Neck sizes from 8" up to 24"
distinctive designer collars

Hartman & Rose specializes in the finest luxury dog collars and leads. Using exquisite natural Italian 100% full-grain vegetable dyed eco-friendly leather combined with elegant Italian hardware. Inspired by the classic appeal of Hermes, Cartier, Gucci, Fendi and more. Natural gemstones and Austrian crystals are placed in the trademark settings which are plated with 22kt. gold, polished nickel and other illustrious finishes.

see the exquisite and distinguished collection
of Hartman & Rose designer dog collars & leads
paco designer collars for dogs

Paco Designer Dog Collars

Neck sizes from 8" up to 26"
a brawny look, for small dogs too!

Paco Leather Dog Collars: "a company dedicated to enhancing you and your dog’s natural style with quality leather products. Each piece is handcrafted with its future owner in mind, making every collar, belt or bracelet as unique as the one who wears it. Custom design work is our specialty!" All sizes, from extra small up to extra large. Collars with studs, metal emblems, conchos.

see our large collection of
Paco designer dog collars
bookie and belle designer collars for dogs

B&B Designer Dog Collars

Neck sizes from 11" up to 21"
leather & suede collars with interwoven ribbon

Casusal chic and stylish classy designer dog collars, by Bookie and Belle. Handmade, high quality leather and suede. Leather collars, with paisley, camo and striped ribbons. For small, medium, and large dogs. Flower slide-on accessories available, too.

see our collection of
Bookie & Belle designer dog collars

puchi designer collars for dogs

Puchi UK Designer Dog Collars

Neck sizes from 8" up to 26"
a glamorous look, for large dogs also!

Puchi is THE online pet boutique bringing fashion and style to the wonderful world of dogs. See their designer dog collars and leads. Most are leather or faux croc, jeweled with Diamante and Austrian or Swarovsky Crystals. Stunning! Puchi is mainly for glamorous dogs and pet owners.

online store located in the UK
see our collection of
Puchi Petwear UK designer collars & leads

mimi green designer collars for dogs

Mimi Green Designer Dog Collars

Neck sizes from 6" up to 25"
awesome, colorful designs

If you are having a hard time finding a dog collar that is both fashionable and long lasting, your search is finally over. Mimi Green collars are all customizable by size and they can even personalize the collar with your dog's name! Whether you choose a hand embroidered personalized dog collar or one of their classic dog collars, you will be impressed with how strong and unique Mimi Green dog collars are!

see our collection of
Mimi Green designer collars & leads

diamond dogs designer collars for dogs

Diamond Dogs Designer Dog Collars

Neck sizes from 7" up to 27"
luxurious designer collars

Diamond Dog products utilise top grade leather which is firm to the touch when new, with inherent properties that allow it to become soft, supple and tactile within a very short period of time, yet retaining strength and durability over the years. Add to this craftsmanship the sparkle and fire of the finest CRYSTALLIZED™ - Swarovski Elements. Gracing the pages of fashion magazines such as Vogue and Tatler.

see the dog collar boutique collection
of Diamanond Dogs luxury designer collars & leads

designer collars for dogs

D&T Designer Dog Collars

Neck sizes from 16" up to 35"
extra wide collars available too

Most of the Dean and Tyler collars are leather collars, many are spiked, studded or plated. Perfect for big dogs and (extra) large dog breeds! Medium sizes available. too. Besides product information we offer a price comparison between 4 major D&T retailers in the US and in the UK. Matching leather leashes are available as well, and studded dog harnesses, too!

see our huge collection of
Dean & Tyler designer collars

susan lanci small designer dog collars for small dogs

Susan Lanci Small Designer Dog Collars

Neck sizes from 5.25" up to 16.5"
designer collars for tiny and small dogs

Collars and leashes, harnesses, dog clothing and accessories for small dogs and pampered little puppies. Bling, animal prints, fashion dog collars in ultra suede -- cute, cute, cute! GW Little carries an extensive line of Susan Lanci Designs Ultrasuede collars. Choose from hundreds of color and embellishment options. Perhaps, your small dog likes bling, the Giltmore BIG crystal collar is packed with two rows of large Swarovski crystals, guaranteed to wow! Other selections include Tinki's Big Bow, double and triple row Giltmore, plain with embellishment and quick release collars.

see the GW Little collection of
Susan Lanci designer products for small dogs

around the collar designer dog collars for small and large dogs

Around the Collar Designer Dog Collars

Neck sizes from 7" up to 25"
designer collars for tiny and for large dogs

Collars and leashes, dog harnesses and accessories for small dogs and big dogs. High fashion dog wear for walking, in 21 colors! Leather, and suede. The bling collection features Swarovsky Crystallized elements (choose your rhinestone color!), other collections have leather flowers, cut outs, leather butterflies, and awesome studs. Designed and handmade in New York. Custom made to order.

see the Around the Collar collection of
high fashion designer products for small and big dogs
Designer dog collars, Plain leather collars, studded collars, spiked collars, collars with brass or silver plates, with conchos,.. Matching designer dog leads too! (dog leash, leashes)

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Designer dog collars, see our huge collection of Paco and Dean and Tyler handmade collars. Made in the USA, timeless and class beauty. Plain leather, studded, spiked, with brass or silver plates,.. Matching dog leads too! Custom Collar and Leash sets for Big Dogs (Large Dogs). Extra large and extra wide collars available. For medium and small dogs especially, we have Bookie and Belle and Puchi dog collars. Puchi designer collars are for sale in the UK (and made in the UK) links
Whether you have a boy dog (male dog) or a girl dog (female dog), a tiny dog, a small dog, a mid-sized medium or a large dog / a big dog, or even a giant dog, we have a perfect dog collar for you. We have suede collars, leather collars, velvet collars, any style, color or pattern you can imagine! Solid colors, as well as colorful patterns. Handmade designer dog collars, from brawny looking leather collars with studs or spikes, to glamorous swarovsky crystal, austrian crystal and diamente collars. Fashionable designer collars with woven ribbon, too.

In case these designer dog collars by Paco, Dean and Tyler, Putchi and other designers are not what you're looking for, have a look at all our different dog collar categories: from leather dog collars to suede and velvet, from simple plain dog collars to fancy, fashion, fashionable, cool designer collars and haute couture!
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Personalized name plates and embroidery on pet dog collars! Pet ID tags, charms and pendants for dog collars.
Designer dog collars: leather dog collars, suede and velvet collars. Faux croc, designer dog collars with austrian crystals, swarovsky crystals, jeweled, diamante dog collars. Bling and rhinestone dog collars. Extra small, small dog collars, and up to extra large dog collars. Studded dog collars (designer), spiked dog collars (designer). Handmade in the USA, Puchi collars are handmade in the UK. Pink designer dog collars (hot pink, too!)
Designer dog collars, see our huge collection of handmade collars. Timeless stylish and class beauty. Plain leather, studded, spiked, with brass or silver plates hardware,.. Matching designer dog leads (designer dog leash, leashes) too!
See our designer dog collars for tiny dogs, for small dogs, medium, for large dogs and for extra large dogs.