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The top dog breed list changes regularly online. See the latest most popular breeds in America and globally. an article by Bruce Dwyer

Everyone loves a popular dog story, but did you ever wonder what dogs were the most popular in America, or globally?

And even if you know the answer, that is what is popular today, which will soon be the past. With an average life expectancy of around 12 years, it does not take long for real world ownership dog breed popularities to change. What is more interesting is what dog breeds people are searching for NOW online, because the dogs searched for now, will soon become the most popular dogs of tomorrow. People usually search for dog breeds they have or are going to purchase, and this article includes the top five dogs of five of the most dog loving countries in the world!

What I have done is mark the top breed search volume as 100% and compare all the other lower searched breeds to that value. Thus a French bulldog value of 67% means that this dog breed term in America, acreoss all languages, revieves approximately two thirds of the searches that the top breed German Shepherd does. This analysis is for the latest Google data release of February 2011.

AMERICA = [german shepherd] 100%; [french bulldog] 67%; [bernese mountain dog] 45%; [boxer dogs] 20%; [newfoundland dog] 20%

AUSTRALIA = [german shepherd] 100%; [labrador] 100%; [french bulldog] 82%; [pomeranian] 82%; [golden retriever] 82%

CANADA = [bernese mountain dog] 100%; [german shepherd] 100%; [golden retriever] 100%; [rottweiler] 100%; [pomeranian] 82%

UK = [beagle] 100%; [german shepherd] 100%; [rottweiler] 100%; [labrador] 100%; [pomeranian] 82%

IRELAND = [yorkshire terrier] 100%; [golden retriever] 81%; [german shepherd] 81%; [beagle] 63%; [rottweiler] 63%

Along with these breed statistics it is useulf to know the number of dog breeds that are included in each country?s top fifty dog associated searches, and what the top breed search volumes are in absolute terms. These figures are:

America 7 breeds in top fifty searches, top breed 110,000 searches per month

Australia 13 breeds, top breed 6,600 searches

Canada 23; top breed 12,100 searches

UK ten breeds top breed 18,100 searches

Ireland eleven breeds, top breed 1,600 searches

Dog Analysis

America has the most dog associated searches and the top specific dog breed searches of any country. Yet it only has seven specific dog breeds in their top fifty dog associated searches, the lowest number of the five countries an analysed. America tends to have generic dog search related terms, rather than specific breed information. This is probably because there is an expectation that the large dog sites will contain all of the specific breed information etc that they may want. Unlike the other countries, the search volumes are not evenly spread between the breeds, there is a rapid drop off in search popularity between the top dog, German shepherd, and the fifth most searched breed, the newfoundland dog which only has 20% of the searches.

Australia has more dog breeds (13) in their top fifty searches, and on a per capita basis Australia has more dog related searches than America. However the top Australian breed specific search volume (for the German Shepherd) is less than 5% of America?s top breed (also the German Shepherd). With Australia being. With Australia being about 14% of Americas population, America?s top breed search is a spectacularly high volume (110,000 searches per month)

Canada has the most dog breeds (23) of all countries in their top fifty dog related searches. Its top dog searches of 12.100 is also very much lower than America?s. This breed specific search strategy shows that Canadian?s are very strongly attached to their specific breeds.

UK is the world's greatest dogs online search country per capita. It also has a very big dog ownership. Surprisingly it only has ten dog breeds in its top fifty searches. In general the UK is the most dog humane country with many lost dog home related searches in the top fifty terms.

Ireland only has a population near 3 million people and has a very close geographic proximity to the UK. It is also the second highest dog related search country per capita just behind the UK. But very similar to the UK it only has eleven specific dog breeds in its top fifty dog related searches.


The geographically widely spread countries have many similarities in their most popular dog searches. The German shepherd is the most popular searched dog breed in all countries except Ireland. The old family standards of Labrador and golden retriever are also well represented in the top searches, however there is also a tendency for larger dogs such as the boxer and Rottweiler, as well as small dogs such as the French bulldog. While the German shepherd has high online search popularity, the breed is also known to have several congenital (health) issues that may have owners searching for answers more than the other breeds.

This data gives a good indication as to what breeds each country values as well as where dog ownership is likely to be going and what future dog breeds are most likely to be the most popular in the real world.

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